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Fairy Tale, Rhyme, & Legend
Collectible Art Plate

Classic Fairy Tales
by Gerda Neubacher
Classic Fairy Tales - Gerda Neubacher
Qty Needed

Classic Fairy Tales - Gerda Neubacher
Sleeping Beauty
Qty Needed

Classic Fairy Tales - Gerda Neubacher
The Frog King
Qty Needed

Classic Fairy Tales - Gerda Neubacher
Puss In Boots
Qty Needed

Classic Fairy Tales - Gerda Neubacher
Little Red Riding Hood
Qty Needed

Classic Fairy Tales - Gerda Neubacher
Hansel And Gretel
Qty Needed

Grimms Fairy Tales
by Charles Gehm
8 inch Diameter
Grimms Fairy Tales - Charles Gehm
The Shoemaker & The Elves
Qty Needed

Grimms Fairy Tales - Charles Gehm
Qty Needed

Grimms Fairy Tales - Charles Gehm
Qty Needed

Russian Fairy Tales
by Boris Zvorykin
Heinrich / Villeroy & Boch
8 1/4" Diameter Plates
Maria Morevna

Maria Morevna and Tsarevich Ivan - Boris Zvorykin - Russian Fairy Tale - Zarewitsch Iwan vor dem zauberhaften SchloB - Tsarevich Ivan and the beautiful Castle
Tsarevich Ivan & The Beautiful Castle
Qty Needed

Maria Morevna and Tsarevich Ivan - Boris Zvorykin - Russian Fairy Tale - Narua Nireveb begegbet den /zarewitsch Iwan - Maria Morevna et tsarevitch Ivan
Maria Morevna &
Tsarevich Ivan
Qty Needed

Maria Morevna  - Boris Zvorykin - Russian Fairy Tale - Koshchey der Unterbliche entfuhrt Maria Morevna - Koshchey I'Immortel Enleve Maria Morevna
Koschey Carries off
Maria Morevna
Qty Needed

Vassilissa the Fair
The Red Knight  - Boris Zvorykin - Russian Fairy Tale - Die Schone Wassilissa Der Rote Ritter - La Belle Vassillissa
The Red Knight
Qty Needed
Vassilissa and Her Stepsisters  - Boris Zvorykin - Russian Fairy Tale - Wassilissa und ihre Steifschwestern - Vassilissa et Ses Belles-Soeurs
Vassilissa and Her
Qty Needed

Vassilissa is Presented to the Tzar - Boris Zvorykin - Russian Fairy Tale - Wassilissa wird dem Zaren vorgestellt - Vassilissa est Presentee au Tsar
Vassilissa Is Presented
To The Tsar
Qty Needed

The Firebird
In Search of The Firebird -  Boris Zvorykin - Russian Fairy Tale -  Der Feuervogel Auf der Suche nach dem Feuervogel - L'Oiseau de Feu - A la Recherche de l'Oiseau de Feu
In Search of the Firebird
Qty Needed

Ivan and Tsarevna on the Grey Wolf -- Boris Zvorykin - Russian Fairy Tale - Iwan und Zarewna fliehen auf dem grauen Wolf - Ivan et la Fille du Tsar Fuient le Loup Gris
Ivan and Tsarevna
on The Gray Wolf
Qty Needed

The Wedding of Tsarevna Elena The Fair  - Boris Zvorykin - Russian Fairy Tale - Die Hochzeit der schonen Zarewna Elena - Le Mariage de la Belle Tsarine Elena
Wedding of Tsarevna
Elena The Fair
Qty Needed

The Snow Maiden
Snegurochka (The Snowmaiden) - Boris Zvorykin - Russian Fairy Tale - Die Schneekonigin - Snegurochka - La Reine des Neiges
The Snow Maiden
Qty Needed
Snegurochka (The Snowmaiden) - Boris Zvorykin - Russian Fairy Tale - Snegurochka und Lel der Hirtenknabe - Snegurochka et Lel le Petit Patre
Snegurochka & Lel The Shepherd Boy
Qty Needed

Snegurochka (The Snowmaiden) - Boris Zvorykin - Russian Fairy Tale - Snegurochka am Hofe des Zaren Berendei - Snegurochka a la Cour du Tsar Berendei
Snegurochka At The Court of Tsar Berendei
Qty Needed

Russian Legends
7.75" Diameter
Vinogradoff Porcelain / V Palekh Art Studios
Rusland & Ludmilla - Russian Legends -  V Palekh Art Studios
Rusland & Ludmilla
by Gleb V. Lubimov
Qty Needed

The Princess and The Seven Bogatyrs - Russian Legends -  V Palekh Art Studios
The Princess and The Seven Bogatyrs
by Aleksandr. Kovalev
Qty Needed

The Golden Cockerel - Russian Legends -  V Palekh Art Studios
The Golden Cockerel
by Valeryi V. Balshakov
Qty Needed

Lukomorya - Russian Legends -  V Palekh Art Studios
by Roman L. Belousov
Qty Needed

The Fisherman & The Magic Fish - Russian Legends -  V Palekh Art Studios
The Fisherman & The Magic Fish
by Nikolai P. Lopatin
Qty Needed

Tsar Saltan - Galina A. Zhirakova - Russian Legends
Tsar Saltan
by Galina A. Zhirakova

Qty Needed

The Priest and His Servant Balda - Russian Legends -  V Palekh Art Studios
The Priest and His Servant Balda
by Oleg Vladimirovich An
Qty Needed

The Stone Flower - Russian Legends -  V Palekh Art Studios
The Stone Flower
by Valeryi V. Balshakov
Qty Needed

Sadko - Russian Legends -  V Palekh Art Studios
by Evgeny A. Populov
Qty Needed

The Twelve Months - Russian Legends -  V Palekh Art Studios
The Twelve Months
by Nikolai P. Lopatin
Qty Needed

Silverhoof - Russian Legends -  V Palekh Art Studios
by Sergei Y. Adeyanov
Qty Needed

Morozko - Russian Legends -  V Palekh Art Studios
by Nina P. Lopatina
Qty Needed

Legend of the Firebird
Leningrad Porcelain factory
7.75" Diameter

Tsarevich and the Firebird  - Alexander N. Klipov - Legend of the Firebird
Tsarevich and the Firebird
by Alexander N. Klipov
Qty Needed

The Golden Bridle - Legend of the Firebird - Yuri Plehkanov
The Golden Bridle
by Yuri V. Plehkanov
Qty Needed

Legend of The Snowmaiden
7.75" Diameter
Kholui Art Studios

- Legend of The Snowmaiden
The Snow maiden
Qty Needed

The Snowmaiden and Her Parents - Legend of The Snowmaiden
The Snow maiden
and Her Parents
Qty Needed

Judgement of Tsar Berendey - Legend of The Snowmaiden
Judgment of Tsar Berendey
Qty Needed

Song of Love - Legend of The Snowmaiden
Song of Love
Qty Needed

A Dance of Friendship - Legend of The Snowmaiden
A Dance of Friendship
Qty Needed

The Snow Maiden Lel's Serenade - Legend of The Snowmaiden
Lel's Serenade
Qty Needed

The Snow Maiden Loves Finale - Legend of The Snowmaiden
The Snow Maiden
Love's Finale
Qty Needed

The Snow Maiden With Spring & Winter - Legend of The Snowmaiden
The Snow Maiden
With Spring & Winter
Qty Needed


Legends of Tsar Saltan 1991
by Galina A. Zhiryakova
Bradford Exchange
 Legends of Tsar Saltan - Brandford Exchange
The Arrival of Tsar Saltan
Qty Needed

 Legends of Tsar Saltan - Brandford Exchange
The Magic Land of Prince Guidon

Qty Needed

 Legends of Tsar Saltan - Brandford Exchange
The Swan Princess
Qty Needed

 Legends of Tsar Saltan - Brandford Exchange
The Magic Squirrel
Qty Needed

Russian Fairytale Princesses
by Gleb V. Lubimov
Bradford Exchange

Russian Fairy tale Princesses - Ludmilla - Bradford Exchange

Qty Needed

For more Russian Art Plates visit our Series List and
search for the word 'Russian'.

Love Story of Siam
by Sandra Wakeen
Bradford Exchange

Love Story of Siam - Sandra Wakeen
The Betrothal
Qty Needed

Once Upon A Rhyme
by Renee Faure
A Tisket A Tasket - Renee Faure
A Tisket A Tasket
Qty Needed

Mary Had A Little Lamb - Renee Faure
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Qty Needed

Roses Are Red - Renee Faure
Roses Are Red
Qty Needed

Star Light Star Bright - Renee Faure
Star Light Star Bright
Please Inquire
About Availability

Tom Tom The Piper's Son - Renee Faure
Tom Tom
The Piper's Son
Qty Needed

Over The River and Through The Woods - Renee Faure
Over The River and
Through The Woods
Qty Needed

Aesop's Fable
by M Hampshire
Aesop Fable - M Hampshire
The Goose That Laid
The Golden Egg
Qty Needed

Aesop Fable - M Hampshire
The Hare
And The Tortoise
Please Inquire
About Availability

You will find Mother Goose and other nursery rhyme plates plates by John McClelland on our 'Child Art Plates' page.

The Snow Maiden - Folk Tales from Old Russia

Once Upon A Time, at the edge of a deep forest, there lived a poor woodcutter and his wife. As they grew older; they became sadder and sadder because they had no children.

One day in the dead of winter, the woodcutter and his wife went to the forest to chop wood. The cold was intense; the work long and difficult. Hoping to cheer his wife, the woodcutter said, "Let us make a little snow girl."

So they set to work shaping balls of snow, and in a short while they had made a "snegurochka" - a snow maiden.

Moved by this sight, the woman sighed, "If only the good Lord had sent us a little girl to share our old age."

They did not know that The Fairy Spring had been watching them. Her daughter, Snegurochka The Snow Maiden, had yearned for the companionship of mortal humans and wanted to live with the people. But her father Winter, ruled her and would not release his daughter, Snegurochka.

The Fairy Spring, took pity and decided to set her free. But before she did, she gave her this warning: "Dear Snegurochka, you shall be safe from death by the sun's rays so long as the love for a man does not enter your heart."

Suddenly, a miracle occurred.

The eyes of the snow maiden the woodcutter and his wife had made twinkled and the breath of life parted her lips. Snow maiden no more but a real flesh and blood girl.

Snegurochka trembled and spoke: "If you will let me be your daughter, I will be a good daughter to you, the joy of your old age."

“My darling daughter, let it be as you desire,” answered the old man. “Come home with us, our longed-for little girl!” They took her by her white hands and led her from the forest.

As they went, the pine trees swayed goodbye, saying their farewell to Snegurochka, with their rustling wished her a safe journey and happy life.

The old couple brought Snegurochka home to their wooden hut, their ‘isba,’ and she began her life with them, helping them to do the chores. She was always most respectful, she never contradicted them, and they could not praise her enough, nor tire of gazing at her, she was so kind and so beautiful that no words could describe her.

Snegurochka, nevertheless, worried her adopted parents. She was not at all talkative and her face was always pale, so pale. She did not seem to have a drop of blood, yet her eyes shone like little stars. And her smile! When she smiled she lighted up the isba like a gift of rubles.

They lived together thus for one month, two months; time passed. The old couple could not rejoice enough in their daughter.

In the same village there lived a maiden called Kupava. She was a true beauty, with hair as black as a raven’s wing, skin like blood and milk, and arching brows.

One day a rich merchant came through town. His name was Mizgir, and he was young and tall. He saw Kupava and she pleased him. Kupava was not at all shy; she was saucy and never turned down an invitation to stroll.

Mizgir stopped in the village, called to all the young girls, gave them nuts and spiced bread, and danced with Kupava. From that moment he never left town, and, it must be said, he soon became Kupava’s lover. There was Kupava, the belle of the town, parading around in velvet and silks, serving sweet wines to the youths and the maidens and living the joyful life.

The day Snegurochka first strolled in the street, she met Kupava, who introduced all her friends. From then on Snegurochka came out to dance in the sun with her friends daily. A young boy, a shepherd, pleased her. He was named Lel. Snegurochka pleased him too, and they became inseparable.

Whenever the young girls came out to stroll and to sing, Lel would run to Snegurochka’s isba, tap on the window and say: “Snegurochka, dearest, come out and join the dancing.” Once she appeared, he never left her side.

One day Mizgir came to the village as the maidens were dancing in the street. He joined in with Kupava and made them all laugh. He noticed Snegurochka and she pleased him; she was so pale and so pretty! From then on Kupava seemed too dark and too heavy. Soon he found her unpleasant. Quarrels and scenes broke out between them and Mizgir stopped seeing her.

Kupava was desolate, but what could she do? One cannot please by force nor revive the past! She noticed that Mizgir often returned to the village and went to the house of Snegurochka’s old parents. The rumor flew that Mizgir had asked for Snegurochka’s hand in marriage.

When Kupava learned this, her heart trembled. She ran to Snegurochka’s isba, reproached her, insulted her, called her a viper, a traitor. She made such a scene that they had to force her to leave.

“I will go to the Tsar!” she cried. “I will not suffer this dishonor. There is no law that allows a man to compromise a maiden, then throw her aside like a useless rag!”

So Kupava went to the Tsar to beg for his help against Snegurochka, who she insisted had stolen her lover.

Tsar Berendei ruled this kingdom; he was a good and gracious Tsar who loved truth and watched over all his subjects. He listened to Kupava and ordered Snegurochka brought before him.

The Tsar’s envoys arrived at the village with a proclamation ordering Snegurochka to appear before their master.

“Good subjects of the Tsar! Listen well and tell us where the maiden Snegurochka lives. The Tsar summons her! Let her make ready in haste! If she does not come of her will we will take her by force!”

The old woodcutter was filled with fear. But the Tsar’s word was law. They helped Snegurochka to make ready and decided to accompany her, to present her to the Tsar.

Tsar Berendei lived in a splendid palace with walls of massive oak and wrought-iron doors; a large stairway led to great halls where Bukhara carpets covered the floors and guardsmen stood in scarlet kaftans with shining axes. All the vast courtyard was filled with people.

Once inside the sumptuous palace, the old couple and Snegurochka stood amazed. The ceilings and arches were covered with paintings, precious plates lined up on shelves, along the walls ran benches covered with carpets and brocades, and on these benches were seated the boyars wearing tall hats of bear fur trimmed with gold. Musicians played intricate music on their tympanums. At the far end of the hall, Tsar Berendei himself sat erect on his gilded and sculptured throne. Around him stood bodyguards in kaftans white as snow, holding silver axes.

Tsar Berendei’s long white beard fell to his belt. His fur hat was the tallest; his kaftan of precious brocade was embroidered all over with jewels and with gold.

Snegurochka was frightened; she did not dare to take a step nor to raise her eyes.

Tsar Berendei said to her: “Come here, young maiden, come closer, gentle Snegurochka. Do not be afraid, answer my questions. Did you commit the sin of separating two lovers, after stealing the heart of Kupava’s beloved? Did you flirt with him and do you intend to marry him? Make sure that you tell me the truth!”

Snegurochka approached the Tsar, curtsied low, knelt before him, and spoke the truth; that she was not at fault, neither in body nor in soul; that it was true that the merchant Mizgir had asked for her in marriage, but that he did not please her and she had refused his hand.

Tsar Benendei took Snegurochka’s hands to help her to rise, looked into her eyes and said: “I see in your eyes, lovely maiden, that you speak the truth, that you are nowhere at fault. Go home now in peace and do not be upset!”And the Tsar let Snegurochka leave with her adoptive parents.

When Kupava learned of the Tsar’s decision she went wild with grief. She ripped her sarafan, tore her pearl necklace from her white neck, ran from her isba, and threw herself in the well.

From that day on, Snegurochka grew sadder and sadder. She no longer went out in the street to stroll, not even when Lel begged her to come. She no longer danced with her friends and the long cold winter seemed like it would never end.

But Winter did finally give way, and one beautiful spring morning Lel came to Snegurochka’s little window and pleaded with her to come out with him, just once, for just a moment to feel the return of Spring. For a long while Snegurochka refused to listen, but finally she could no longer resist Lel’s pleas, and she went with him to the edge of the village.

“Lel, oh Lel, play your flute for me alone!” she said. She stood before Lel, barely alive, her feet tingling, not a drop of blood in her pale face!

With the sun shining brightly overhead they stopped to rest at a lovely grove where a melodic stream harmonized with Lel's flute music, as he played the haunting melody which had become Snegurocka's favorite song. As she listened she gazed upon young Lel and an overwhelming feeling of love filled her heart so that washed all traces of saddness out.

In an instant she knew that this was what her mother had warned her against, but she also knew that without love she would never be happy again.

Without hesitation, Snegurochka beconed to her beloved to play one more song for her and with those words she surrendered herself fully to the warmth of love. While the golden rays of the sun shone down on her she began to melt.

Lel saw nothing but a light mist rising from where she had been. The vapor rose, rose, and disappeared slowly into the blue sky toward the heavens.

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