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Doll Dust Covers & Doll Stands

Vinyl Doll Dust Covers

Vinyl Dust Covers for Small & Large Dolls - Vinyl Doll Dust Covers - Plastic Display Case:  Vinyl Doll Covers
Vinyl Dust Covers for Small & Large Dolls
Dolls & Stands Pictured Sold Separately

Item #
6.5 D x 8" H
Set of 12
Qty Needed
10 D x 20" H
Set of 6
Qty Needed

Plastic Doll Display Cases

Plastic Doll Cases With Stand for Small Dolls - Plastic Display Case:  Doll Case / Cover For Small Dolls
Plastic Doll Dust Cover Case With Stand for Small Dolls
Soft Flexible Plastic - Collapsible For Storage (Stand is removable)

Item #
6.75L x 6.75W x 12" H
Qty Needed
6.75L x 6.75W x 17.25" H
Qty Needed

Plastic Doll Case With Stand for Large Dolls - Plastic Display Case:  Doll Cover / Case  for Large Dolls
Plastic Doll Dust Cover Cases With Stand for Large Dolls
Soft Flexible Plastic - Collapsible For Storage (Stand is removable)

Item #
10.25L x 10.25W x 20" H
Qty Needed
10.25L x 10.25W x 24" H
Qty Needed
14.25L x 14.25W x 30.5" H
Qty Needed

Adjustable Doll Stands

Metal Doll Stands with Wood Base
Walnut Wood Base Metal Doll Stands with Vinyl Coated Clasp

Item #
Takes Doll Sizes
Clasp Height 5.5" to 9.25"
7" - 15" Tall
Set of 2
Clasp Height 9" to 9.14"
9" - 14" Tall
Set of 2
Clasp Height 12" to 20"
12" - 20" Tall
Set of 2
Clasp Height 15" to 25.5"
15" - 26" Tall
Set of 2

Doll Stands:  Adjustible Classic Metal Doll Stands with Vinyl Coated Clasp
Classic Metal Doll Stands with Vinyl Coated Clasp

Item #
Takes Doll Sizes
Clasp Height 2" to 3.5"
2.5" - 6" Tall
Set of 6
Clasp Height 3.5" to 5.5"
4" - 9.5" Tall
Set of 6
Clasp Height 5.5" to 7.5"
7" - 12.5" Tall
Set of 6
Clasp Height 7" to 11"
8.5" - 18" Tall
Set of 6
Clasp Height 9.5" to 14"
12" - 22" Tall
1 Stand
Clasp Height 9.5" to 14"
12" - 22" Tall
Set of 6
Clasp Height 14" to 19"
17" - 31" Tall
1 Stand
Clasp Height 14" to 19"
17" - 31" Tall
Set of 2

Collectable Cases

Bevelled Glass Collectable Cases
Item #
4.25" x 4.25"
Qty Needed
5" x 5"
Qty Needed
5" x 7"
Qty Needed

Glass Box, Glass Cabinet & Glass Display Case Decorating Ideas

You can decorate a glass cabinet or glass case to fit in with any room in your home while you showcase your collectibles or your accomplishments. Select a glass cabinet that has mirrors for added beauty and design, and to highlight the items you've chosen to display inside.

Fill your glass cabinet with colorful collectibles, dolls on stands, figurines, and even tiny objects that you have collected over the years. Antique and vintage collections of Carnival and Fenton, among others, are perfect for decorating your glass cabinet, especially if the inside back of the cabinet is mirrored.

If you like the look of colorful glass, but you haven't a collection to showcase, consider filling decorative decanters with colored water for a significantly less expensive substitute. A colorful glass display fits in any room in your home, from the living room to the bathroom.

Protect and display your doll collection in a glass cabinet with or without a mirrored back. Decorating with a display of collectible dolls may be more suited to a bedroom than a living space, but a glass case is a perfect way to assemble your dolls and protect them from excessive dust.

You can include other period-related knickknacks in the cabinet with your antique doll collection. For current collections, consider items such as small books, with glasses lying casually on top, beside one of your dolls and a teacup and saucer next to another to add design interest to your display.

A glass display cabinet is a natural selection for highlighting your treasured china. Stack cups and saucers in front of the plates so that the style variations are visible. Glass china cabinets are most appropriate for the dining room, but you can place them in your kitchen, if you have the space.

Offset your china display with crystal glasses or small decorative collectibles to add depth to the display. You can stack two or three plates from your pattern and stand a crystal wine glass or goblet on top. The crystal will not take away from your pattern and will enhance the visual appeal of your glass cabinet.

Keep your collection of glass figurines together in a glass case. Your treasures are much less likely to be harmed if they are out of the way of curious hands. You can still enjoy the figurines on display in your living room or family room without worrying about breakage.

Consider including books related to your collection in the display, perhaps standing some of the figurines on top of a book that's lying flat. Or use your glass case as a bookend.

Don't hide the evidence of your achievements; showcase your trophies in a glass display case.

Place the case in a game room, family room or a media room for the best fit, and include other items, such as a "hole-in-one" ball or your dad's catcher's mitt. Arranging other sports memorabilia with your trophies will add emphasis to your sport, as well as add interest to your decoration.

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