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Collectible Art & Dinnerware Round, Octagon or Square Plate Frames

Glass Front
Solid Wood Collector Plate Frames


14.5" square outside, 12.75" square inside, and 2" deep
Stock #BEMAP12
Stock No
1 Frame
Qty Needed
2 Frames
Qty Needed
3 Frames
Qty Needed
5 Frames
Qty Needed

Collector Wall Plate Frame:  Octagonal  One-Plate Wood & Glass  Dark Oak Wood  Collectible Plate Display Frame
Octagon Glass Front Plate Frame
Steel spring clips lock the backing securely to frame

Product No.


Fits Plate Size


Light Oak
8" to 9.5" Plates

$ 80.99

Qty Needed
Medium Oak
8" to 9" Platess

$ 80.99

Qty Needed

Decorative Round Oak Collector Plate Frames
Natural Wood Tones With Variations (No Glass)
Steel spring clips lock plate securely to frame

Collector Wall Plate Frame:  Genuine Oak Round Wood Plate Frame
Round Genuine Oak Wood Plate Frames

Stock #

Fits Plate





8.25" - 9"

1 Medium Plate Frame


Qty Needed

Round Hard Wood Collector Plate Display Frames
Steel spring clips lock plate securely to frame

Round Hard Wood Collector Plate Frames

Round Walnut finish Wood Plate Frames
Plate Sizes Listed Below

Gold Around Center Opening
Stock No.
Fits Plate Size

6.5"- 7.25 "

1 Extra Small Plate Frame


Qty Needed

7.5"- 8"

1 Small Plate Frame


Qty Needed

8.25"- 9"

1 Medium Plate Frame


Qty Needed

9.25"- 10"

1 Large Plate Frame


Qty Needed

Plain Wood Around Center Opening
Stock No.
Fits Plate Size


7.5"- 8"

1 Small Plate Frame


Qty Needed


8.25"- 9"

1 Medium Plate Frame


Qty Needed


9.25"- 10"

1 Large Plate Frame


Qty Needed


People have always hung plates on walls as decorations, with or without plate frames. The Dutch had crudely fabricated, but beautiful hand painted portraits painted on wall-hung plates, the Moors had rustic multicolored plates with intricate geometric patterns on their walls, while Europeans displayed finely detailed china and porcelain plates on their walls.

Decorating with plates is fun, casual, colorful and super chic!

You can mix-matched decorative plates in rigid grid pattern, you can alternate plates in a checkerboard pattern. You can surround a central large plate with smaller plates, you can flank a large architectural piece with plates to soften the space and add accents.

There are so many ways you can use dinnerware or collector plates on your walls to decorate and add style. Plates add visual weight, ramp up the glam-factor and add architecture to the room. Symmetry is what makes it look powerful and elegant. If hung asymmetrically they would look too cluttered

Adding decorative plates to country-style works perfectly as it adds subtle contrast and doesn't interfere with the harmony of a room. Farm animals on the plates or floral patterns enhance the feeling of country living.

The colors and patterns on your plates can match or contrast with the colors and patterns in the room. The white in the plates can stands out against a dark wall color to create a beautiful focal point. You can vary the size and shape of the plates in your group as long as you do it symmetrically.

Your first step should be to decide on the pattern you want to create. Lay the plates on the floor and group them until you are satisfied with your grouping.

Then place small piece of tape on the wall at the center of where each plate will be hung. You may want to use a measuring tape and a level to be sure you are spacing them correctly and that everything is level.

Hanging your plates will be next. You could use hanging discs that glue to the back of your plates, but this is not the best option because they sometimes fail when humidity is high. They also would not be a good choice in areas that are prone to any type of earth shaking. Wood plate frames work very well as plate holders to set off and protect your plates, especially if they are valuable.

Wire hangers are really the best choice, although there are other more decorative plate holders that will work almost as well. Wire plate hangers hold tight due to the spring on the back. They also do not scratch your china if they have a vinyl sheath over the areas that come into contact with your plates.

Of course many people love the look of plate frames. They make your plates look like framed art and look smart with wood furniture. You can get them with or without glass fronts. The plates are held securely in the frame with spring-loaded clips.

Many people also enjoy the old world look of wrought iron plate rails. There are even iron plate racks for cups and saucers that can be used as a creative way to store china in the kitchen.

Whatever your style, have fun decorating and making your home a reflection of your personal taste. Display the things you love with pride!

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