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Effective on November 1, 2004
LAST UPDATED:  December 27, 2015

The Plate Lady™ ®  takes the privacy and security of our customers very seriously. We are providing this Online Privacy and Security Statement because you have the right to know what information we collect, how it is protected, and how it is used.

The Plate Lady™ ® Privacy and Security Statement

Our policy is to provide a pop-up free, advertisement free, and spyware free family oriented shopping experience for our customers. We do not gather or store any personal information about visitors to our site unless they order from us and we never sell or share any information that we gather during the secure ordering process. Everything we do is aimed at making shopping with us safe and convenient. We value your privacy and your right to shop for only what you choose to shop for.

We do not use any type of spyware and we do not subscribe to any type of pop-under or pop-up advertisement technology. We do not use banners and we do not advertise for other companies on our site. We are only in the business of selling art collectibles. If you do find that any covert personal information gathering technology has been generated in connection with our site, please notify us and we will investigate immediately.

If you have further questions regarding this statement, please contact us via Email.

To Whom this Statement Applies

This Statement only applies to the site belonging to The Plate Lady™ ®, the web pages on that site with addresses that begin with and The Plate Lady™ ® secure shopping cart, Hosted by Aitsafe Ultra-Secure Cart Service & First Data Payment Processing Gateway.

The Plate Lady™ ® is a registered Tradmark.   All pages on our site are clearly marked with our logo: The Plate Lady of Tampa Bay, Florida.   If you do not see this Logo, then you are not on a website that belongs to The Plate Lady™ ®

When you go to our shopping cart, you are transferred to the website where your personal information and payment information are collected using state of the art encription techniques. This is a paid Shopping Cart Service that we use for your safety. Card numbers are not stored on that website nor any accessable website. They are transmitted directly to the First Data Gateway for processing and cannot be retrieved by any means.

We do not own the website. We are it's clients and we must login to access your name, address, and order information. That information is deleted immediately after we retrieve it and it is stored on our computers. Again, we never have access to your payment information, it is never stored on our computers, we cannot access it to print it and we cannot use it for future orders.

This Statement does not apply to affiliated entities you may find via links on our site or to third parties. Our search engine is actually generated by Google and is the responsibility of, even though they display our logo at the top of the page as a service to us. We are working on replacing the Google search engine with our own internal search engine in the near future. Also, if you use a credit card while shopping with us, your credit card company will have a separate privacy policy that will describe their collection, use, and protection of information about you and your account.

The Personal Information We Collect and How It Is Gathered

We collect only the Personal Information our customers voluntarily provide to us. "Personal Information" means your name, shipping and/or mailing address, telephone number, and Email address. We do store order information in our customer data base.

How We Use Your Personal Information

We do not share or sell any of your personal information with anyone. We only use information gathered to contact customers when there is a problem with their order. We will never call by phone unless we do not get an email reponse about problems with orders or if you have requested rush delivery and we can not meet your deadline. We will never make sales calls and we will never spam you. Never use the reply button if you suspect an email is spam! Call us to let us know if an email is suspicious.

A Note About Spam:
We do not spam. Unsolicited Email spam messages have become a serious problem. They overflow email boxes, so that important emails are not easily found, and they can potentially carry scripts that can seriously harm computers.  Spammers have even found a way to spoof  Email addresses so that you think the mail is coming from someone you trust.  If you ever receive spam that appears to be comming from any of our Email addresses, PLEASE do not use the reply button, but do notify us immediately!

The Personal Information We Share and With Whom We Share It

We do not share any of your Personal Information with anyone, ever.

Email You May Receive From Us

All of our outgoing and incoming email is automatically checked for viruses by both our email service and our installed Virus Protection program.  All emails from persons not on our mailing list, go first to our Suspect Email folder to wait for preview and approval before being downloaded to our computer. 

We will only send you Email that relates to a specific purchase or to respond to your Email inquires. If you have ordered from us, you will get an email from a different, private, email address than the one we used to reply to customers who have not ordered from us.  This is to give our customers priority in reaching us by email.

We do have frequent storms in Florida and on rare occasions we may not respond to your Emails immediately, due to power outages or other conditions beyond our control, but be assured that you will have our full attention as soon as we are back online. 

Please be aware that we may not answer your emails at all, if you are selling something or if you put unrequested attachments on your email.  Those emails will be deleted and not read while still in our suspect folder.  If you are already in our address book when we receive such an email, your email address will be removed so that no further emails will be received from you without preview. We do not buy from unsolicited sources and we do not want the risk of opening unrequested attachments.

Types of Information We Gather and How It is Used

We will never use any technology that places any type of adware or spyware onto your computer. Our visitor counter software and shopping cart software do each place a cookie on your computer, if you have cookies enabled.

We do have a small javascript on our website that runs the picture show on our home page and there may be one or two other javascripts used to enhance the visual on our website, but we never use scripts to place anything on your computer.

The visitor counter cookie that our server puts on your computer tells our server that you have visited our site before, on each return visit, but it does not track you once you leave our website. This is  used to count new and repeat visitors and does not uniquely identify you.

Our shopping cart will temporarily store your selections and will also store your address on a cookie, if you ask it to, for future assistance with filling out our order form. However, we do not require you to have cookies enabled to browse our website or to order from us. In fact, if you exit the secure portion of our order form, your sensitive information is automatically deleted and you will have to put it in again when you are ready to complete your order.  Our shopping cart will not send us any information until you actually complete the checkout process, and then your order information is encrypted before it is sent to our secure shopping cart server.

The shopping cart we use will save information on the items you have selected with the "add to cart" link until you either complete the checkout process or delete the information. Sometimes the information will be automatically deleted when you close your web browser, but sometimes it will not, depending on your personal settings. You can delete any unwanted information retained on our order form by pressing the delete button. We cannot view your shopping cart and we do not know what is in it until you submit your order.

We Use Technology To Collect Anonymous, Non-Personal Information About How Our Site Is Used

Our visit counter allows us to see which search engines or links our visitors are entering from and what search phrases they used to find our site. It also gives us anonymous information that helps us adjust our web pages to accommodate the different browsers our visitors are using. We use this information to make sure that our site is clearly displayed, no matter what browser or resolution our visitors use and to optimize our site. We also use this information to improve our site navigation and to determine what new products we should offer. We do not share this information with our affiliates or other third party companies. Although your computer displays an IP address to every website it visits, we do not use that information to identify you or any other user of our web site.

We never track our visitors once they leave our site. We do not track visits to our shopping cart site either, nor can we see any information in your shopping cart. We only receive that information on our secure shopping cart server after you complete the ordering process. (Make sure that you receive the order confirmation Email to be sure your order was received, but if you gave us the wrong email address, we may not be able to send you a reply).

Your computer may store a temporary copy of the web pages you have visited on our site, so that you can view them off line and so that the page will load faster the next time you visit us. You can delete these files from your computer at any time by deleting your temporary internet files.

How We Protect Your Personal Information

We are completely PCI Compliant in accordance with the latest Credit Card Security Standards.  That means that our computer undergoes extensive monthly testing by a third-party company, which has consistantly shown that our computer is operating in full Stealth mode and that our firewalls have proven to be invulnerable.  It also certifies that we are handling sensitive personal information in a manner that protects our customers from Identity Theft. 

The Plate Lady™ ® of Tampa Bay uses a Mal's E-commerce shopping cart that encrypts your personal information before transmitting to its secured Rackspace server. That server is part of a 100% Cisco Powered Network, built on hardened routers and audited to ensure maximum security protection. The network incorporates a patented Intrusion Detection System to protect against external threats, to protect your information with the industry’s most potent security tools and techniques that are designed, built and maintained specifically for enterprise-class Web operations. It also uses firewalls that are managed by security specialists and are kept PCI Complient.

Your information is only stored on the Mals-E server temporarily, in an encrypted form, until we retrieve it. Server access to the orders in our shopping cart is restricted and double password protected. When we retrieve your sensitive information, it is downloaded directly to hard copy and then deleted from the server.  Credit card numbers are never stored in our shopping cart nor are they saved on our computer. They are transmitted immediately to our card processing service while you are still in our shopping cart and they are not saved. Therefore, we never have access to your card number and it is not stored on any computer.

As soon as you order from us, Mals-E emails us a copy of  your order that does not contain your credit card number.   That copy is stored on our computer, so that Customer Service can quickly access your order for any possible future references to your account.

Our Policies Regarding Children

We do not sell products for purchase by children; however, we do sell children's products for purchase by adults. If you are under 18 years of age, please do not submit any information without the express consent and participation of a parent or guardian. We will not knowingly collect personal information about any person under 13 years of age. If you believe that we have information from or about anyone under 13 years of age, please notify us by Email.

We will also not knowingly link to any sites that contain adult content or gambling. Our affiliations are carefully screened so that our site content and links remain family oriented. If you find any sites linked to our site that you believe to have adult only content, please notify us by Email. We will investigate immediately.

Links to Other Sites

We provide links to affiliated entities and to other sites we think you may enjoy visiting. These sites operate independently of The Plate Lady™ ® of Tampa Bay and have established their own privacy and security policies. For the best online experience, we encourage you to review these policies before submitting any personal information to them.

Updates to this Statement

We will update our privacy statement from time to time to reflect changes in our business. If we change how we use your personal information, we will post the policy change notification on the web site. Our current Statement was LAST UPDATED:  December 27, 2015

Thank you for shopping with The Plate Lady™ ® of Tampa Bay!

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