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Displaying Collectibles

A collection can be anything from ordinary found objects from nature to Flea Market finds, to genuine antiques. The flair with which you display your treasures is what makes them an elegant yet personal part of your home decor.

An expensive crystal bowl looks great in the china cabinet but takes on a life of its own when displayed on a shelf. Your mother's favorite turkey platter becomes a family heirloom when displayed on your kitchen counter or on your dinning room wall. Grandma's china or Limited Edition Collectible Plate becomes an awesome reminder of the importance of family when displayed proudly at family functions.

If you place large objects in a stage-type setting they become a focal point for your room. A stand, a hanger, a frame, or a glass display case can set your precious collectible off to it's best advantage and keep it safe at the same time.

Display toys in a children's room just like collectibles. Put shelves on a wall at a level the child can reach, and group toy cars, dolls or a variety of toys on them. They're easily accessible, and when you ask your kids to put their toys away, it's not a big chore. More breakable precious objects such as collectible plates or Limited Edition Figurines can be placed on a high shelf or hung on the walls, out of the child's reach.

Clear plastic doll cases protect dolls, used for display only, from dust while still allowing them to be viewed from every angle. Favorite hero figurines can be stored under glass domes on shelves, so that a light feather duster can be used to keep them clean. Souvenir baseballs and other sports memorabilia can be displayed in glass cases to show their importance and protect them from being handled.

Children are natural collectors, they collect shells, that can be displayed in glass vases or jars, they collect baseball cards that can be displayed in a frame, they collect jewelry that can be displayed on small ornament trees or stands, they collect coins that can be displayed in a frame on the wall. No matter what they collect, you can find a creative way to display their collectibles as decor in their room.

When your collections are proudly displayed, visitors will want to know how you came to collect them and why they are important to you, so make sure they are set off prominently to show their importance.

No matter how you display your treasures, they tell a story about you.

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